bk8 Sports Tips Prediction

Sports Tips Prediction

1. Sunderland – Newcastle (FA Cup) 

Date and time: 06 January 2024 20.45

Newcastle United have lost 3 matches in a row. Besides, Newcastle United have lost 4 away matches in a row. Moreover, Newcastle United haven’t won any of their last 7 away matches. Meanwhile, Sunderland are unbeaten in their last nine games against Newcastle. Therefore Sunderland will have more chances to win in the duels.

Newcastle -0.75 / Over 2.75

2. Chelsea – Preston North End (FA Cup) 

Date and time: 07 January 2024 01.30

Chelsea haven’t lost in any of their last 6 home matches and they have won 4 home matches in a row. On the other hand, Preston North End have conceded a goal in each of their last 6 matches. Besides, Preston North End have socre any goal for the last two games. Therefore Chelsea will get a comfortable win.

Chelsea -2.00 / Under 3.25

3. Middlesbrough – Aston Villa (FA Cup) 

Date and time: 07 January 2024 01.30

Middlesbrough lost two of their last three matches. Besides, Middlesbrough have conceded in 9 of the last 11 matches. Meanwhile, Aston Villa have scored in 33 of the last 35 matches. Moreowver, Aston Villa have not lost 15 of the last 16 matches and they manage to scored in 16 of the last 18 away matches. Therefore, the winner is likely to be Aston Villa.

Aston Villa -1.00 / Over 2.75

4. Manchester City – Huddersfield (FA Cup) 

Date and time: 07 January 2024 22.00

Manchester City haven’t lost in any of their last 32 home matches. Besides, Manchester City have a winning streak of 4 matches. Moreover, Manchester City have scored in the last 51 home matches in a row. Meanwhile, Huddersfield lost three of their last four matches and they have conceded in 10 of the last 11 away matches. Therefore, the home team will get a comfortable win.

Manchester City -3.00 / Under 4.00

5. Arsenal – Liverpool (FA Cup) 

Date and time: 08 January 2024 00.30

Arsenal have not lost the last 15 home matches in a row and they have scored in 30 of the last 32 matches. However Liverpool have not lost 14 of the last 16 matches. Besides, Liverpool managed to score in the last 21 away matches in a row. Therefore, a draw is a fair result for both team.

Liverpool +0.50 / Over 2.75

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